Our studio is located near the intersection of Hubbard and Hasted, minutes from the heart of downtown Chicago. We are “by appointment only” for studio tours, consultations, and shoots. Please drop us an email if you want to shoot with us! 



In an effort to give you the best possible service on your shoot day, this well-oiled-machine known as Vavoom Pinups only works when we can all work together. When our team of exceptional hair, makeup, and photographers commits to your shoot, they are turning away other freelance jobs (at vavoom and possibly many other jobs in the city). They are fully committed to you and your shoot from the time you book with our scheduler until our shoot day.  Since your appointment weighs in the balance of at least 3 other artist's schedules, we do not take rescheduling lightly. 

Obviously, we understand that life happens, people get sick, things happen, but we also have to insure our artists that they can trust our commitment to them and your commitment to us when you decide to shoot with Vavoom. If you need to reschedule your shoot, after your shoot time and date has been solidified with our scheduler, and you have received confirmation, we do require a $75 rescheduling fee to reschedule your shoot.


- If you have purchased a $100 deposit and need to change your date -

You will be sent a link to pay the $75 rescheduling fee, and we will move your deposit to your new shoot day of your choosing.You are welcome to reschedule whenever is best for you, within a year of your purchase. 


- If you have purchased a $250 party ticket and need to cancel -

Vavoom will deduct $75 from your total and send you a credit of the remaining $175 to use towards a future shoot at Vavoom. You are welcome to reschedule whenever is best for you, within a year of your purchase OR sell your remaining credit to someone else in your party. 

Once a party ticket of $250 is purchased, it is non- refundable. 
If a party member drops out, she will be given a store credit of $100 to use towards a shoot at Vavoom, she can also sell her store credit to another person. 







At Vavoom we will email or text you to confirm your shoot time at date. Once booked, you are responsible for keeping your appointment with our studio. If you do not show up for your shoot or need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will lose your $100 deposit completely. If you have purchased a package, party ticket, a deal, or gift card, we will deduct $100 from your gift card, deal, or package and send you the remaining balance in a new purchase code to be used within the year. 




Being on time to your shoot is important and may require some planning on your end. 

If you are more than 10 minutes late, a late charge of $50 (per person) will be added on to your balance. 

Please call our studio if you need any assistance. 773-726-1109




Please allow 3-4 weeks (or sooner) for your order to be complete. Your approval is the finishing step of the process, and depending on your involvement in email response, this process does not have a strict timeline. All orders made and completed without final approvals from our clients will be stored in our hard drives for up to a year from the time of ordering. After a year, Vavoom is not responsible for storing your completed order or an order that is awaiting your approval.  Because all of our work is custom created, all orders are non-refundable once full or partial payment is received. All orders are finalized at the time they are placed.




If you need your order in hand before the suggested time above, a flat rush fee of $150 is placed on top off your order, and you can have it in hand at your own personal deadline. 




We have a strict privacy policy in and out of our studio.  We do not sell our client’s images or show them to other clients, your privacy is the utmost importance to us. We will always get your permission before posting or sharing any images on our social media or studio website.




As we respect you as our clients, please respect us as well. As a reminder, all images created by Vavoom Pinups are protected by Federal Copyright laws. It is illegal to copy, scan, screenshot, or reproduce these images in any manner without written consent including your own edits or cropping out our logo on “social collection” versions we supply to you for any images you choose to upload onto your personal website or social media platforms, public or private.  Any images purchased, complimentary, or gifted are for your personal use only. If you wish to use any of our images for self-promoting, publishing in magazines, or any other commercial use, please contact us for commercial rates, and permission. 




Men are totally welcome at our studio, but since a majority of our clients are women and we respect their privacy, we ask that all men who are entering the studio be fully announced prior to your shoot. We may ask you to have your husband or boyfriend meet you out after your shoot or pick you up outside our studio after your leave. Guys who are booking a shoot as a couple or being photographed along with their family are typically scheduled on Sundays, and of course, are welcome with a sitting fee booking. 

Please be sure to have clearance from our staff first! :) Thanks!




All fees are subject to change without prior notice. 

Sessions are 100% non-refundable

$75 per additional outfit shoot for solo shoots 

$50 per additional outfit shoot for BFF, parties of 3, and parties of 4 or more 


$75 pet sitting fee (if you want to shoot with your pet) 

$75 significant other sitting fee (if you want your "other half" in your shoot - no hair or makeup services provided with this add-on. 




Are you super excited to show off your Vavoom pics?

Send your friends our way, and as a “Thank You”, we will gift you a $100 studio credit that can be used towards any prints, digitals, or products!